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Job Descriptions


  • Pick up a turkey, pan and cooking bag at the hall on Wedneasday night
  • Cook the turkey Thursday in your home and bring it hot to the hall at the designated time


  • Prepare and serve desserts at the hospital to veterans, families and staff.
  • Socialize with veterans and their families.


  • You must be strong – trays get heavy – you carry dinner plates – no teens under 16
  • Greet a guest at the door – 1 guest per escort
  • Escort your guest through the serving line. Ask the guest what they would like to eat and how much of each item
  • Seat your guest at a table – Keep families together – the “Official Greeter” will tell you where to seat your guest.
  • Turn the guest over to the table monitor and seat another guest

SERVERS – MAIN FOOD LINE (turkey, dressing, gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, salad & bread)

  • Wear plastic gloves (we provide) & an apron (you provide)
  • When you receive a guest’s plate ask the guest if they want what you are serving and how much. (Please keep portion size and age of guest in mind)
  • No teens under 16 on hot food (salad & buns OK)


  • Wear plastic gloves (we provide) & an apron (you provide)
  • You will be loading containers for home deliveries & “extra” dinners for take home (Please keep portion size and age of guest in mind)

TABLE MONITORS (2 people per table per hour)

  • Guests will be seated by escorts – The “Official Greeter” will reserve spots for families
  • You get their beverage and salad- make sure you know what is available .
  • If a guest wants seconds on any food or to take food home – ask an Escort to get it
  • Signal a dessert cart as needed (let dessert people serve)
  • Clean the area (take dirty dishes, place mats & napkins to front corner of dining room – put in tubs)
  • Reset the place setting from supply in rear corner of the dining room
  • When you turn your table over to new monitors, tell them about your guests. DO NOT abandon your guests – WAIT TO BE REPLACED.


  • Only you pour – the Table Monitors will pick up as needed
  • Keep a small amount poured at all times (do not fill to top)
  • Keep your area clean and safe – mop up any spills quickly with paper towels


  • Keep a quantity of each kind of dessert, whip cream & utensils
  • Must be at least 10 years old or older. (No Racing of Carts!)
  • Each cart will have 2 children and 1 adult supervisor


  • Retrieve dirty dishes from front corner of hall (placed there by Table Monitors) USE CART
  • Take to back room & return cart to front corner of hall dining room immediately
  • Scrape plates, throwaway trash, and place plates in carriers provided


  • Work in back room, scrubbing pots and pans for re-use & general clean-up


  • Must provide your own knives
  • Carve & separate dark & white meat (a supervisor will be there to guide you)

GROCERY GIVE-A-WAY (Will be operating out of back room)

  • Bag and distribute donated goods to dinner guests as needed
  • Help guests carry groceries to their cars, transport buses, etc.


The Open Heart Kitchen provides meals if you need help beyond our Thanksgiving dinner.See: for more information. Web site provided by AccuWeaver LLCaccuweaver2